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Lucas is a 21 year-old iOS developer from Brazil. He is currently doing freelancing, working for companies of all sizes.

Lucas actively contributes to several open source projects and attends hackathons, on which he won prizes from companies like IBM, NFL, ESPN, MasterCard and much more.

Open Source

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Custom Time Picker ViewController with Selection of start and end times, written in Swift

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LFLoginController is a customizable login screen, featuring Login, Sign Up, Forgot Password, Email Autocomplete and 1Password

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Pager is the simplest and best way to implement sliding view controllers.

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I'm really passionate about hackathons and all the energy involved in building a team and a product in 24 hours. Hackathons are a really good way to learn new technology and work with new people.

I've won a total of 17 prizes in hackathons, from companies like IBM, NFL, ESPN and NBC.

🏆 First place at NFL Hackathon

$10.000 + visit to NFL Campus in Los Angeles

🏆 First place at Girls in Tech ESPN Superbowl Hackathon

Visit ESPN Campus in Bristol - CN

🏆 First place at IBM Hack the Weather Hackathon Finals in Las Vegas

$5.000 + trip to Las Vegas

🏆 Third place at 99 Jobs Hackathon


🏆 Best Technology Solution at Railsbank Hackathon


💡 NBC Content Finds Consumer Challenge (NBC Hackathon)

💡 IBM Watson Challenge (NBC Hackathon)

💡 Expedia Travel Challenge (Launch Hackathon)

💡 ESRI Map Challenge (Launch Hackathon)

💡 IBM Watson Challenge (DeveloperWeek Hackathon)

💡 Magnet Messaging App Challenge (DeveloperWeek Hackathon)

💡 Big Fish Games Challenge (AngelHack SF Hackathon)

💡 Mulesoft Challenge (AngelHack SF Hackathon)

💡 (2nd) Traitify Challenge (Integrate Hackathon)

💡 (3rd) Magnet Messaging App Challenge (Integrate Hackathon)

💡 Xignite Stocks Challenge (Capital One Hackathon)

💡 Twitter Challenge (Mastercard Hackathon)

Freelancing Projects

Melissa Swap

Social network for Melissa, one of the top women's footwear in Brazil. Melissa Swap is a social network where their fans can do exchanges with each other.

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Manage the homework, chores, and extracurricular activities of your kids with our easy to use app.

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Guia Food Trucks

Guia Food Trucks is a Brazilian food trucks app with 40K followers on social media that helps users to find open food trucks nearby.

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Media sharing app

Voice recording app

Speaker at

Swift with The Best Conference

SwiftMission Meetup

Other Projects

Work Experience

iOS Developer Editora FTD (2018 - current)

Develop FTD's book catalog for iOS and also an accessible digital book reader

iOS Developer Phurshell (2017 - 2018)

Worked in a software house, developing apps for different companies, including insurance companies, startups and more.

Freelancer (2016 - 2017)

Worked as a freelancer for several projects

Software Engineer, Mobile Platforms R/GA (2017)

Worked in one of the biggest challenges: creating a digital Bank for Bradesco, one of the top Banks from Brazil

iOS Developer - Collect (2016)

Lucas worked on Video Rendering technology for 360º videos

Web Developer - SFSU Academic Technology (2016)

Lucas worked on publishing tools for students

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - MYNZ (2015)

MYNZ is a multi-player, augmented reality mobile game built explicitly for iPhone📱 and Apple Watch⌚️.

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Lendal (2014 - 2015)

Have you ever been in the middle of putting together furniture and wished you owned a power drill? Have you ever gone camping and wish you had brought a bigger tent?

Lendal lets you borrow what you want or need from others in your hyper-local neighborhood. Borrowing from friends is always free.